TukTuk Taxi

  Enjoyable Transportation

"TukTuk" was born in Thailand 50 years ago and since then, there has been used as the traditional means of transport. "TukTuk" is a new means of transport in the western world, and since 2010 it has captured the interest of many European cities such as Antwerp, Paris, Cannes, St. Tropez etc.

We proudly announce and present the arrival and operation of "ΤukΤuk" in Greece which will excite even the most demanding customer!!!


Handmade, three wheel vehicles equipped with either three or six seats (+the driver), "Tuk-Tuk" are intended to transport people meeting all the European Community Standards. Ideal for sightseeing, tour guiding, able to tranfer you to and from the hotels - airports - ports etc.  They can also be used for launching any product in various promotional activities (experiential marketing).


Discover a handy and innovative way of transporting. Equipped with 3 or 6 seats, you will be carried away by the charm and excitement that is brought on around them.  "TukTuk"  is also an avant garde choice, which can take you to your wedding.  Let them escort you and your guests during your most beautiful day of your life!


                     TAKE THE CHANCE AND IMPRESS EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!
"Tuk Tuk"  will be an unforgettable experience !

Make your reservation now...!!!